Social Building in Av de la Paz, Seville

Donaire Arquitectos Centro SocialCentro Social Avenida de la Paz SevillaCentro Social Avenida de la Paz Sevilla


Centro Social Building Avenida de la Paz Donaire Arquitectos

3344The building is located in the south of Seville, next to the Litany Health Centre and on the corner Avenida de la Paz. The site has dimensions of 24.85m x 35.60m and an area of 884.66 m².  The project is within a plot aimed at urban infrastructure, so that the building’s projection is conditioned by the existence of the adjacent Health Centre located to the north. With access to the underground parking a shared space between both buildings is created.  The Social Services building is organized around a central open space on all floors and crowned by a skylight which is placed around the access paths to each of the rooms. In addition to the common open space there is a core on each floor in which the toilets, elevators, stairs and archives are located. Around the central space the care rooms, work rooms and equipment rooms are spread over three floors, with the administration and management zone on the top floor. The ground floor is prepared for use for exhibitions and is finished with the assembly hall with its own access from the shared outdoor space.  Some of the rooms are separated by movable partitions allowing greater versatility in use. And they all have natural lighting holes protected from direct sunlight with a lattice that homogenizes it’s external image.Social Buildin Avenida de la Paz Donaire arquitectos49



3.358,00 m²
2.229.718 €
Donaire Arquitectos + Surco Arquitectos
Ignacio Nuñez Bootello
Jesús Nuñez Bootello
Delica Pacheco Donaire
Tibisay Cañas
Beatriz Hacar
Carmela Domínguez
Pablo Baruc García Gómez
Fernando Alda
1º Award