Youth team with a large experience working in innovated architecture with traditional and new materials, utilizing the local resources.

We design public and private buildings, furniture and graphic design.

Our process of design is a continuous conversation between all the agents that contribute to the complexity of building.

This platform is then networked into a broad variety of renowned consultants & collaborators in order to explore solutions informed by the fields of environmental engineering, landscaping, architectural and cultural production. Sustainability is inherently linked to the design process of all projects.


The work of DONAIRE ARQUITECTOS has been widely published and exhibited internationally.



Juan Pedro Donaire Barbero

/// Senior Architect Manager


F. Carlos Iglesias Carbonell

/// Project Manager


Pablo Baruc García Gómez

José Fco García Gutiérrez

Estela Quintero Peralias

Óscar Ortega Pacheco

Carlota López González

María Ramos Bollo

Juan José García Tiscornia

Adolfo Monserrat Gómez

Maria Isabel Blanco Hernández

Julia Guerrero Rubio

/// Senior Architects & Interior Designers


Jorge Solís Arcos

José Calero García

Daniel Bardallo Carmona

/// Implementation


Marta García Guerra

Ana María García Guerra

Eva María Hidalgo Fernández

/// Administration

Mariana Gómez Ramírez

Carmela Domínguez

Tibisay Cañas

Beatriz Hacar

Juan Vega

David Rapado

Celine Nelke

Ignacio Núñez Bootello

Jesús Núñez Bootello

Delia Pacheco Donaire

Hilario García Guitérrez

Sara Sylvie Fontaine

Efrosini Gennimati

Maria Isabel Blanco Hernández

/// Collaborators